Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen,
Friendly old girl of a town.
‘Neath her tavern light
On this merry night
Let us clink and drink one down
To wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen,
Salty old queen of the sea.
Once I sailed away
But I’m home today
Singing Copenhagen, wonderful, wonderful
Copenhagen for me!

Summer is peak season in Copenhagen. Boats cruise up and down the canals. The cafes, bars and restaurants are full from morning until past midnight. Musicians entertain on the sidewalks. This is a friendly, busy city perfect for a social holiday.

Last week was especially exciting in Copenhagen because Jonas Vingegaard just won the Tour de France. This is only the second time in history that a Dane has won the Tour de France, so this was a very big deal for Denmark.

I was swept up by thousands of Jonas’s adoring fans who lined the streets and then crowded into City Hall Square to applaud his victory and welcome him home. This was unexpected!

From Copenhagen, I went west to visit my friend Bob, who lives in Korsør, on the west side of Zealand. Although Korsør is just 61 minutes by train from Copenhagen, it’s a world apart from the hustle and bustle of Denmark’s capital. I was surprised to find that rural Denmark is full of pastures, wheat fields, beaches, forests and the occasional Viking ruin. It was a treat to have a local friend with a car who knows where all the country roads lead. Bob also has a washing machine!

Bob and I ferried out to Agersø. This is a quaint and quiet island where time seems to have stopped. We had fresh fish for lunch at the traditional Agersø Kro where “1872” is stamped over the doorway. Classic!

Although Denmark is my 164th country, I still have many miles to go. From here, I’ll head south to visit two of Europe’s smallest countries. Can you guess what they are? Stay tuned!