Welcome to my travels

For more than 25 years, I sat in front of a computer writing software, designing databases and providing phone support for users. Before I lost my eyesight — and my sanity! — I’d put enough money in the bank to quit all that. So, then the question was: What do I do now?

I thought back to the wanderlust years of my 20’s and decided to travel. I had no plans. I didn’t know how long my money or my health would hold out. But I couldn’t bear to spend another day sitting in an office. Retiring to a golf course wasn’t an option either. So, I bought a one-way ticket across the Pacific and figured I’d stay busy by teaching and volunteering.

As an American, I’m lucky. I have a US passport, welcomed in 184 countries and territories without a visa or with a visa on arrival. I can speak and understand most versions of English, the world’s universal language. I have easy access to US dollars, the global currency.

I’ve been traveling and posting blogs since 2000. I make few plans in advance. I buy only one-way tickets. I travel with almost no luggage. I usually travel alone. I’m often on the road for 10 months a year. Yet, I’m still not tired of traveling. Why? Because travel is an endless source of education, inspiration, and opportunities to help others. Travel makes me happy, and my health has never been better.

Having visited more than 150 countries, I’m often asked which one I like the best. I can’t choose just one place, so I’ve nominated my favorites and posted a music video on youtube. I’ve created this video and these travel blogs to encourage *YOU* to leave home for a while. Embrace adventure. Discover new people and places. Explore the amazing planet we live on. Go find wonderful places that you never knew existed and make your own video.